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Heather CadenWhen I think about Real Estate, all aspects of this ever-changing business, I get an overwhelming sense of confidence, inspiration, motivation and passion wash over me. I feel extremely lucky to have found my passion for real estate early in my life. My dad always used to say to me as a young girl “find a career you love, not just like. That way you will never have to work a day in your life.” As always, my dad was right and I did find a career I love. Some may call me a workaholic but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I grew up in the gorgeous town of Solana Beach, California since age 4. I always knew how lucky I was to live in this amazing town but until I started to sell it, house by house, my love for the city and appreciation for what San Diego has to offer really blossomed.

I got into the business in 2007, just when the market started on its downward spiral. People thought I was crazy to get into the business at that time but I looked at it as an opportunity to push myself even harder and learn the ins and outs of short sales and foreclosures, which was most of the market at that time. Investors were out in droves looking for a good deal in the incredible buyers’ market which was 2008-2011. On the other side of the coin, I had the experience of going through the very emotional process of handling homeowners who have lost their home. What a wakeup call and such a tragedy. Getting to the light at the end of the tunnel was seeing the market start to come back in 2012. Feeling the buzz and seeing an incredible competition out there. Homes started selling for over list and sellers started selling! The best way I can describe it was like a blooming flower. Watching something as volatile as the real estate market open up and come to life was truly amazing and extremely motivating! I am proud to have made it through the tough times and come out the other end even stronger and more in love with this business. 

All these experiences have led me to a great deal of knowledge and tons of experience, none of which I would ever do-over! When I am not helping people buy and sell homes, I enjoy playing golf with my family and friends, hiking, fishing, going to movies and cooking. I make it a point, not only in my business but my life to surround myself with positive, highly motivated individuals.

Hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to work with you and do what I do best! 

Heather Caden

ph: 619.743.5242